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There are two methods to remove clients from your list, this article will explain what they mean.


Unlinking a client from your advisor portal will remove the client from your client listing. This is done if they are no longer a client. Unlinking will not delete the client account, only the client can delete their account from their wealth portal.

To Unlink a client:

1. In your adviser portal, Click on the client’s name
2. Manage Account Subscription and change the client from Pro to Starter
3. Click on Unlink

Your firm will no longer see the client and they will be removed from your chargeable accounts.


Clients can be deleted from the myprosperity portal. Deleting an account can be done in one of three ways:

1. An unactivated account – send an email to support@myprosperity.com.au and our friendly support team can complete the deletion for you
2. An activated account – client can send an email to support@myprosperity.com.au from the email address registered and request deletion
3. An activated account – client can delete their account from within their wealth portal. Instructions in Can I Delete My Account