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How to set-up portal with the
Bookkeeper View

To add a bookkeeper view in a client file, go to Settings > Bookkeepers and select the firm, staff member, or an external bookkeeper.

If an external bookkeeper is not in the list, click on Add and insert the bookkeeper’s email address.

Once created, the bookkeeper will appear in the portal bookkeeper drop down list on your client page.

After you’ve added bookkeepers in the settings page, go to your main Portal.

In the list of clients in the main Portal, choose the client you want add, and then assign the bookkeeper from the drop down list under the Sorted Review column.

The bookkeeper will receive a notification that a client has been assigned and requires implementation.

A two-week time frame is given for the set up to be completed.

*Only the bookkeeper assigned will see the Bookkeeper 7 Steps on the account