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We’ve extended the advisory leads function to include business clients. In your Partner Portal Clients screen, you can now set clients as individual or business clients and schedule a financial health check.
As per the original process, your business clients will be asked to complete the review – but instead of questions about their personal finances, it will ask them about their business via Partner Portal > Settings > Preferences screen.
When clients are asked the happy/sad preference questions, they will either see individual questions or business questions.

You can customise what’s seen after they have completed the reivew and whether there is a message, prompting them to contact you for an additional product or service.

You can also create reports in your adviser portal to identify clients who need help or are at risk (they said they weren’t happy to at least 3 questions).

If you have any questions about the business financial health check, please contact support@myprosperity.com.au