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With the ability to add a co-owner to a Client Group or Household, the system becomes more flexible with permissions and use. If you have an active file and would like to introduce a new client into the portal as a co-owner with all the access permissions and usability as the original owner, adding them is simple.

To add a new client as a co-owner or an account: 

1. In the Partner Portal >Clients > Client List,  find the client you want to add a co-owner to. 

2. Click on the three dots list in the Actions area and click “Add co-owner”.

You may want to see How do I Merge Clients to create a Client Group?

3.In the pop up window, add the Name of the new co-owner, email address and then adjust Group name(optional) . Click Add.

4.The family Group will now be listed in the client list under the default Group name or your selected name.

5.Your Group account is now ready to be used.