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Recently released (Oct 2019), myprosperity has made it possible to add clients as a group rather than just individuals. Now a couple or partners can have equal usability in a file, making logging into the file, loading banking information and using the mobile app easier and more efficient.

If you have two clients who were added individually and want to unite as a Client Group or Household:

1. In your Partner Portal> Client List > Click on one of the clients you want to merge.

2. In the drop down menu, click on “Merge with another account”
3. A Merge Client Wealth Portals box opens. Search for the client you would like to merge with this client.
4. Once a client is selected from the search, the box expands for you to choose which client’s Assets and Liabilities should be kept. You are informed of the current values in the accounts to assist with the correct decision.

Note: Only one set of Assets and Liabilities will remain, but all existing documents will be moved to the new Client Group. 

5. The Group name can also be altered (optional)  and then click Merge.

Warning: Once merged, the removed file information cannot be reinstated…ensure you choose carefully!

6. Once merged, you will now see the Client Group name in the client list.

Note: Client Group names can be adjusted if incorrectly added through the Actions area three dot list.