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This article will explain how to upload a document for signing.

1. In your client list, identify the client you would like to upload the document for. Click Upload

2. You will now see the Upload document page, here you will be able to:

 Select the file type;
 Upload document file (must be a .pdf file);
 Determine where the document will be stored after it has been signed;
!  To sign the document, you must check “Document requires signature(s)”

3. When you check Document requires signature(s) a dialogue will appear for you to confirm the signers. You can:

•  Add more signatures to the document
•  Select signer(s) from a drop-down list
  Add new signer(s) who are not in the drop-down list (this means that the individuals are not members of the team)

4. Once you’ve configured who the signers are, click Upload
5. The next screen will prompt you to “Create document for signing”. In this page you will be able to:

•  Move existing signing positions that have been automated for you;
•  Add new signing positions.

6. Once your document is ready for signing, you will be able to click Send or Send Manually. (Find out what these sending options mean here.)
7. Depending on the “Send” option that you have selected, you will see the following confirmations:

Send (click to view)


Send manually (click to view)


Your document signing request has now been sent. You might also be interested in How to review recently sent documents for signing (Coming soon).