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Streamline how you collect and review client data with digital fact finds. Choose from our two all-purpose fact finds:

  • Detailed Financial Profile: a thorough form to gather information necessary for providing financial advice. 
  • Brief Financial Profile: a shorter form that covers basic financial and personal information, suitable for a pre-meeting or introductory questionnaire.

Sample fact find reports will soon be available to help you determine which fact find is most suitable for your needs. In the meantime, to test the process simply create a new form and assign it to your own client portal account, or to a dummy client.

How digital fact finds work

All clients, whether on Starter or Pro, can be sent a fact find to complete. Once you’ve chosen your preferred form, you can create it, assign it to a client, and pre-fill any information you already have before sending it to them.

The client will be notified via email and, for those who have downloaded the mobile app, a push notification. From there, they can jump onto the portal and complete the form, or you can do it with them during your next meeting. Once done, clients can send the form back to you for review.

Here you can either request additional details via To-dos and send the form back to the client, or lock the form, generate a report, and request a signature if you’re happy with the data. Leveraging the portal’s digital document signing functionality allows you to complete the entire process without ever leaving the portal.

Digital fact finds can be used both for onboarding clients and to prepare for review meetings.

  • With existing clients, relevant data already in their wealth portal will automatically be pulled into the fact find, then updated in the portal once the process is complete.
  • For new clients, they’ll be able to access the portal after the completing the fact find and see all the information they’ve entered already there.

Throughout the process, both you and your clients can attach documents and create To-dos for every section as needed; you can also leave section-specific notes. Last but not least, clients can save their progress every step of the way, making it easy for them to close the form and come back later should they need to.


All myprosperity staff users can create, edit, and send a fact find. However, they must have full access to the client’s account in order to do so. For more information about how guest access works on the client portal, click here.


For more information, register for our upcoming training webinars or contact our support team. You might also be interested in: