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Streamline how you collect and review client data with digital fact finds. Choose from our two all-purpose fact finds – the brief version or the detailed option. You can create a digital fact find for a client via the Client list area or the Fact find area of your portal.

Creating a form through the Fact Find area

1. Go to the ‘Fact Finds’ area of your Partner Portal. If you do not see any forms, please contact Support.

2. Select the fact find you would like to send by clicking on the name. Choose between:

  • Brief Financial Profile: a shorter fact find, designed to gather general information about your clients, suitable for a pre-meeting or introductory questionnaire.
  • Detailed Financial Profile: a more thorough form to gather information necessary for providing financial advice – does a deep dive into your client’s financial position, goals, family, future and can be the basis of advice.

You’ll be taken to the workflow view where you can see a list of every form opened and its status.

3. To open a new form for a client, click on the “Open a new form” on the top right of the screen.

4. In the screen that opens, type in the client’s name or email address and select them from the dropdown list. Click “Open a new form” to proceed, or “Close” to cancel.

5. Next, you’ll be taken to a summary view for the client’s form.

From this page, you can use the right hand menu to:

    1. Send to Client: this sends the form to the client via email and push notification (if they have the app), prompting them to complete it.
    2. Preview or Pre-fill form: begin filling in information on the form for the client if the information is already available.
    3. Preview Report: generate a pdf report with the information provided in the fact find so far.
    4. Delete Form: delete the form if created in error or no longer required.

The client’s form has now been created.

Creating a form through the Client list area

1. In your partner portal, navigate to Clients>Client list.

2. Find the client you want to send a fact find to, and click on the Fact finds icon in the Actions column (the middle icon, which looks like a checklist).

3. You will see all forms listed for that client. To create a new form, click on “Open New Form”.

4. Select the type of fact find you want to create (Brief or Detailed Financial Profile), then click on “Open new form”.

As when opening a form from the Fact finds section of your Partner portal, this will then open the form summary view, where things will proceed as above.