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Once a fact find is created (“opened”) for a client, you can go through and preview / pre-fill the form.

1. Navigate to the form you’d like to preview, either via the Actions in the Client list or the Fact finds section of the Partner portal (see previous section for instructions). 

2. Choose the fact find you would like to view or edit, and click the Preview icon under Actions.

3. The client’s form chosen will now be displayed as they would see it within their client portal, where you can enter information in the various fields. Click on  “Save and Continue” to scroll between the chapters.

4. Once you’ve finished pre-filling the form, and / or when you hit the Confirmation chapter, click on “Return to form details” at the top of the page. This will take you back to the form summary view.

Note: While you can preview and edit content on a form, you cannot “submit” (i.e. complete) a form as this must be done by the client.