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The Tax Assistant makes tax time a breeze by consolidating the information required for a personal tax return.

By going through the wizard, your clients will have the opportunity to review and update their financial information as needed. Any relevant information already present in the client’s wealth portal will automatically be populated by the Tax Assistant.

Once completed, the wizard will generate a tax summary in your adviser portal which you can use to prepare your client’s tax submission for that financial year.

How it works

The Tax Assistant is available to all clients, whether they are on Starter or Pro wealth portal subscriptions. For a walk through of the client’s experience, click here.

Step 1 – Invite your clients to use the Tax Assistant
Kicking off tax season? Send your clients an email request to complete the Tax Assistant.

In the Client list section of your adviser portal (under Clients), expand the client you wish to invite, then click on “Request financial review (for tax)”. They’ll receive an email with instructions on how to launch the wizard.

Step 2 – Track Tax Assistant Submissions
Once a client completes the wizard, a document will be generated in your adviser portal under Forms & docs > Tax summaries.
You can sort tax summaries by client name, financial year, and status (Active, Completed by client, or Reviewed).

Step 2.5 – Send reminders
You can trigger a reminder email at any time by expanding a client’s profile in the client list and clicking on “Resend tax invite”.
Step 3 – Review Submissions & Create To-dos
Tax Assistant entries are marked Active when a client has yet to complete the wizard. Regardless of the entry’s status, you can view the information your client has entered by clicking on “View Details”.If information is missing, create a To-do for that client directly from the document. They will be sent a notification letting them know a task has been assigned to them.

Once they’ve completed the Tax Assistant wizard, you can review what was entered, download the document, and use the information collected for your submission to the ATO.

Uploading a completed tax return to a client’s portal

Rather than emailing clients their finalised tax return, you can upload it directly to their wealth portal for review. If you are on the Partner Plus plan (which includes document signing), you can use the portal to request the client’s signature on the submission.

Select the client in your client list. Click on the “Upload” button. Select the file on your computer, choose any supporting documents you think are relevant and click “Upload”.
Once signed, the client will see tax submission in the My Tax section of their portal.
If you aren’t on the Partner Plus plan, follow the steps outlined above to upload a copy of the client’s completed tax return to their wealth portal to ensure their details are up to date ahead of the next year’s submission.