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A step-by-step guide on how to set up the BGL integration in your partner portal.

Step 1: BGL Setup Page

In your partner portal, select Feeds > BGL Setup. This will take you to a page that will prompt you to Login to BGL. 

Step 2: Log-in to BGL

You will be redirected to a page to log-in using your BGL credentials.

Step 3: Authorise BGL Integration

Once you have logged-in you will see a page that has a list of the types of data that will be synced. When you’re ready, hit Authorise. 

Note: You may also want to enable/disable access to certain funds. Simply click on Select fund in the top right hand corner. This will show you a page with two columns. Move the funds to the respective columns to enable/disable them.

Once you’ve completed your changes, select Authorise in the top left hand corner to go back to the authorisation page.

Your BGL account is now linked.

Step 4: Link user 

In order to view the funds available, go to Feeds > BGL Funds. Identify the fund you would like to link to a user and select Link.


You will be prompted to enter the users email address. Please ensure that you use the email address that your client uses to log-in to their wealth portal.

Select Search.

If a user is found, the fund will be linked to the account and you will see a confirmation. (left)

This BGL fund is now linked to the user.

Other common questions…

What happens if I’ve linked a fund to the wrong user?

To unlink a fund, go to your client list and View the user account. Next, go to the mywealth section and delete the fund from the list. Having done so, the Link option will become available again for the fund.

How do I see funds that I have added in BGL after completing the setup? 

While setting up your BGL integration, there will be an option to Auto Enable Funds (left). If YES is selected, access will be given to all current and future funds by default.

I clicked on ‘Refresh fund list’ on the BGL Funds page but nothing has happened.  

The funds take about 5 minutes to refresh. In order to see the update, please return to the page after the required amount of time.

How often does the data from BGL update?

Funds list – once a week
Individual fund details – once a day