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About the integration

Import your XPLAN client data, including client details and IPS portfolios, with the myprosperity XPLAN integration.

This integration is quite comprehensive and as a result, is being delivered in stages:
Phase 1: import client list and associated portfolios from XPLAN (available now)
Phase 2: ability to filter and review data prior to import (available now)
Phase 3: import balance sheet items from XPLAN into myprosperity – overnight sync (coming soon)
Phase 3.5: export balance sheet items from myprosperity back to XPLAN – manual trigger (coming soon)

How it works

As of July 2019, advisers who use XPLAN can import the following data into myprosperity:

    • Client details (name, preferred email address, and phone number)
    • IPS portfolios associated with each client

Imported clients will be visible in your myprosperity client list, and their portfolios will be visible in the Wealth area of their personal wealth portals.

Note: Partners on the legacy pricing plans, or Enhance and above, can import IPS portfolios. Partners on the Connect plan can only import client details.

For client data imported from XPLAN to myprosperity, XPLAN will act as the “source of truth”, meaning data in myprosperity will always be updated to match what is in XPLAN. For client details this happens once when the clients are first imported, and every time an additional import is manually triggered. Portfolio values are updated automatically overnight with the latest XPLAN value.

Enabling and using the integration is simple:

  1. Connect your XPLAN account to myprosperity via the dedicated integration page.
    If a connection has already been established, visit the integration page then click on ‘Import data’ to import additional clients and/or portfolios.
  2. Review the list of clients being pulled through and select the ones you want to import.
  3. Review the portfolios associated with each client and select the ones you want to import.
  4. Confirm the import to see the clients in your myprosperity client list, then view their wealth portals to see their portfolios.


The sync between XPLAN and myprosperity occurs at the adviser level, not the firm level. This means only client data you have sufficient permissions for in XPLAN will be imported when you enable the connection.

Enabling the integration

For detailed instructions on how to set up the XPLAN integration, click here