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Follow the steps below to import XPLAN client data (i.e. client name, preferred email address, and phone number) as well as portfolios held in the IPS module to myprosperity. For an overview of how the integration works, [click here] (hyperlink to How does the XPLAN integration work?).

API Agreement

Before you get started, you’ll want to ensure your practice (if self-licensed) or dealer group has an API Agreement in place with IRESS.

For self-licensed Partners

  1. Ask your XPLAN site owner to contact their XPLAN account executive and request an API Agreement.
  2. The XPLAN account executive will forward the API Agreement to your site owner to acknowledge and accept.
  3. Once accepted, XPLAN will configure the API keys of your XPLAN site to enable third party integrations.

For dealer group licensed Partners

  1. Contact your dealer group and ask them to get in touch with their XPLAN account executive to request an API Agreement.
  2. The XPLAN account executive will then forward the API Agreement to the dealer group to acknowledge and accept.
  3. Once accepted XPLAN will configure the API keys of your dealer group’s XPLAN site to enable third party integrations.

Once your API Agreement is in place, you can proceed to enable the integration.

Instructions for setup

To enable the integration, navigate to the Configure menu on the left of your portal, then click on Integrations and select XPLAN.

Note: Only Partners on the legacy pricing plans, or Enhance and above, can import IPS portfolios. Partners on Connect may only import client details.

Enabling the connection

  1. Open a new tab and go to the XPLAN login page. Make sure you are logged out.
  2. Copy your XPLAN base URL (eg. https://yourfirm.xplan.iress.com.au) from the address bar and paste it in the ‘XPLAN base URL’ field. Make sure you only grab the URL up to (and including) the .com.au and leave out anything beyond it, as including additional characters could cause the sync to fail. Click ‘Connect’.

3. You’ll be redirected to XPLAN. Log in and authorise the import by clicking ‘Allow’.

4. Once you click ‘Allow’ you’ll be redirected back to the myprosperity portal. A status message will now display an update on the progress of the import.

When the import is complete you will be notified via email and the status message will update accordingly. Click on the link in the email, or the ‘Review and import data’ button on the integration page to open the review wizard.

Reviewing and importing data

  1. Select the clients you want to import from XPLAN to myprosperity. Clients are ordered alphabetically and you can search for individual clients via the search box.

Important: Clients will be matched based on email address. Any clients imported via XPLAN whose email address already exists in myprosperity will be treated as one and the same. As such, their myprosperity details & portfolios will be updated to reflect the data imported from XPLAN.

2. Review the portfolios, then select the ones you want to import. These are grouped by client.

3. Confirm the import. Note that no data will be imported from XPLAN to myprosperity until the import is confirmed. A status message will be displayed on the integration setup page and you will receive an email notification once the data has pulled through.

That’s it! To view your imported clients, navigate to the client list (it can take a few minutes for the data to pull through). To see the portfolios, view the wealth portal of the client(s) you’ve just imported.

The value of your clients’ portfolios will be updated every night to reflect their value in XPLAN.

Note: importing clients from XPLAN to myprosperity does NOT trigger any notification to the clients nor does it send new clients invitations to set up their wealth portal. Invite them in your own time, either [individually] or in [bulk].

Importing additional clients

You can import additional clients and/or additional portfolios from XPLAN to myprosperity at any time by visiting the integration page and clicking on ‘Import data’, then going through review wizard again.


As client profiles are matched based on email address, you’ll want to ensure existing clients in your myprosperity client list have matching email addresses in XPLAN to avoid breaking the sync.

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