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Once you have setup your feeds from the Setup menu, you can now start connecting the funds to your clients

1. Click on Feeds from the top menu again, then the Funds link. On this page you can manage and view accounts and link the funds to your clients in your portal.
2. Your funds should now automatically have populated on screen. If not, press the Refresh fund list link.
3. Locate the fund that you would like to connect to your client, then click the Link on the right hand side. A window with a field should appear, enter your client’s email address and press Search (n.b. the email address should be the same email that your client used to signed up with)

4. You will see a dialogue for you to confirm the link with a checkbox at the bottom to indicate if the fund is a Class Investment Reporter fund.

If the box is;

•  Checked: the class feed will be allocated to ‘Portfolio’ in MyWealth;
•  Unchecked: the class feed will be allocated to ‘Super’ in MyWealth.

5. Click the Link account button. The fund should now be connected and visible to your client’s account.