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Take that extra step with your security by setting up Multi-Factor Authentication, which will reduce the risk of unwanted access to your account. MFA will keep your account secure in the event that someone discovers your password.

What is MFA?
We’ve added an additional layer of security that is known as “Multi factor authentication”. Once set-up, it will require not only a password and username, but also your mobile device to log-in. myprosperity’s MFA requires you to enter a temporary code from an Authenticator app (e.g. Google Authenticator App) that you installed on your mobile device.

How to set-up MFA
Get started by installing the Authenticator app onto a mobile device.
(See What apps can I use to authenticate my MFA?)

Once you’ve got it set up, you’ll be required to enter your password and the verification code.
How to set up MFA in 3 easy steps.

  • Download the Authentication App onto a mobile device
  • Set up an account within the app
  • Choose ‘scan a barcode’

How to disable MFA?
To disable MFA, go to Settings > Security. In the MFA section, you will see a red Disable button, select that and confirm to disable.

Recovery email and security questions
If you lose the mobile device you use to complete the MFA, request a recovery email and complete the security questions to get access to your account again.

Why does my account say ‘MFA is required’?
If ‘MFA is required, it means that mandatory MFA has been enabled for all partners under your brand.

How do I turn off mandatory MFA?
To disable mandatory MFA, please contact support@myprosperity.com.au

What apps can I use to authenticate my MFA?
Apps for your smartphone can be installed from the store that is specific to your phone type. The following table lists some applications for different smartphone types.

 Android                   Google AuthenticatorAuthy 2-Factor Authentication
 iPhone                     Google AuthenticatorAuthy 2-Factor Authentication
Windows Phone      Authenticator
 Blackberry              Google Authenticator

I’ve set-up MFA but I don’t have my mobile device with me, can I still log-in?
Yes, you will still be able to log-in. At the point where you are asked for your authentication code, you will also be presented the option to Answer security questions instead. Tap on this option and answer the questions correctly to gain access to your account.

What should I do if I’ve lost my phone that my Authenticator App is on?
We recommend that you log-in to your account by using the security questions as your second authentication. Once you are logged-in, go to your security settings and you will be able to disable MFA until you have a new device. If you already have another device ready to go, simply select the Change device option.

What if I lost my device and forgot the answers to the security questions?
If you don’t have your device and are unable to answer the security questions as well, we can carry out an offline verification with our support team using your back-up email.

How do I change devices for authentication?
In security settings, you will see a Change device option. Selecting this will take you through the steps to register a new device for your MFA. Once you have registered a new device, the old one will be disabled.

How will I log-in on Mobile if my mobile device is my authenticator?
If your mobile phone/tablet is your authenticator, simply switch apps to grab the code from your authentication app and back to the myprosperity site/app to enter the code.