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NowInfinity is a framework that allows accountants/advisers to submit documents to ASIC (e.g. create company change names of companies) Users can create a form that goes through a whole workflow with NowInfinity that payment and submission.

One part of the process is document signing, the accountant/adviser sends the document via NowInfinity whereby a link is sent for the client to sign the document.

The integration will allow NowInfinity documents to be automatically stored in the myprosperity platform upon signing, making sure that they have everything in one place. 

Setup in NowInfinity

Step 1: In your NowInfinity portal, go to Menu > Portal Settings

Step 2: In Portal Settings, click on Docusign and fill in the myprosperity Settings field with your cobrand token.

Step 3: Click Save

Sending document from NowInfinity

Step 1: Once you’ve prepared the form and entered all the details of the client, select Complete

Step 2: You’ll be prompted to add payment details (if required), once you get to the confirmation screen, under Integrations > Electronic Signing, select Send.

Step 3: Enter the email addresses of the recepients and hit send.

Document signed with myprosperity

Step 1: Recepient will receive email prompt to sign document

Step 2: Follow the prompts to log-in/sign-up and sign the document, a short survey will need to be answered before the signing.

Step 3: Once the document has been signed, it will be saved in the clients’ ASIC folder under mydocs > Other documents.