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You can add additional users to your myprosperity Partner account and assign specific roles and permissions to suit their needs.


Add Additional Users

Step 1: In your myprosperity Partner portal, go to Settings > Team.

Step 2: Click on the bright orange “Add” button.

Fill in Details & Assign Role

Step 1: Fill in the user’s details, including name, email address and phone number. You can also upload a picture and put in a description.

Step 2: Assign a role. There are 5 role types for you to choose from: Owner, Account Administrator, Partner, Manager and Basic.

A short explanation appears below the role you select to explain what it is.

NOTE: Only users with “Owner” permissions can add team members and assign permissions. Your organisation must always have at least one Owner.

Roles & Permissions

Owner: Owners have full permissions on myprosperity. They can add users and enable security settings like Multi-Factor Authentication.

Account Administrator: Administrators have the same rights as Owners but can’t add new team members or edit security settings. This role is ideal for staff members who manage your account and have a say in things like what reports get sent to clients.

Partner: Partners have all the relevant permissions for on-boarding your clients to myprosperity, including managing the client list, and inviting bookkeepers to assist with the set up.

Manager: Managers can assist with managing data feeds, documents and tax returns. The role is ideal for staff who do on-going work with clients.

Basic: This user can manage their profile, view client accounts (but not edit) and if document signing is activated, send documents to clients for signing.