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Security recommendations for myprosperity partners

At myprosperity, we go to great lengths to ensure that our platform is secure and reliable. However, it’s extremely important that you do your part in making sure the computers and devices that you use are also safe and secure.

Please read and follow the security recommendations and advice from the Australian Government, Stay Smart Online.


Here are some highlights:

1. Ensure your software is always up to date

a. It’s simple to configure to automatically apply software updates
b. Having up-to-date software immediately fixes many potential security holes

2. Use anti-virus software

a. Inexpensive and critical to making sure your system is not compromised

3. Use legitimate software only

a. Only use legitimate software from reputable companies
b. Pirated or software from an unknown source can contain a virus or security vulnerabilities

4. Set strong passwords and don’t reuse the same password

a. Ensure that your passwords contain a variety of uppercase, lowercase characters, numbers, and special characters/symbols

5. Maintain physical security around devices

a. This includes restricting physical access to home/office computers/devices
b. Guarding devices such as laptops, phones or tables that leave the home/office
c. Ensure that all devices are password protected and automatically lock after a short period of time

6. Stay up to date with security advice

a. Regularly check reputable sources such as the Australian Signals Directorate website (www.asd.gov.au) for the latest advice and tips to stay secure

It’s also a good idea to share the ASD article with your clients, to help them stay on top of their security.