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I’ve entered my XPLAN credentials but no clients are pulling through on the review page. What’s wrong?

This tends to happen when either:

  1. The API Agreement isn’t in place or;
  2. You do not have sufficient permissions in XPLAN to export client data.

If #1, simply contact your XPLAN site owner to resolve the issue (for more information, [click here](hyperlink to How to set up your XPLAN integration)).

If #2, you can either modify your permission settings in XPLAN, or ask a colleague who has full permissions to enable the XPLAN integration on their myprosperity account, then assign the appropriate clients to you.

Is the XPLAN data imported to myprosperity live? How often does it update?

Client details (i.e. name and phone number) are static data that is only pulled through when you import clients for the first time, and during every additional import where they are selected as part of the process.

Portfolios are live feeds and the values are updated in myprosperity overnight.

What happens if a portfolio is imported from XPLAN that already exists in myprosperity?

As there isn’t currently a way to match portfolios imported from XPLAN with pre-existing wealth items in myprosperity (this is coming soon!), such a situation will create duplicate data in a client’s wealth portal, with the same feed being imported from 2 different sources. 

Either unselect the portfolio during the XPLAN data review stage, or cancel the equivalent direct feed in myprosperity via that feed’s management page (Configure > Integrations).

A client has changed their email address. If I update it on XPLAN or myprosperity, will this break the sync?

If you update a client’s email address in one of the two platforms but not the other, the sync will break the next time you import additional data and select that client as part of the process.

To avoid breaking the sync, either never select the client during future imports or simply update the client’s email address in both platforms to ensure the systems recognise them as the same person.

The portfolio value is showing as $0 in my client’s wealth portal. What do I do?

This is most likely due to a timeout in the connection between XPLAN and myprosperity. Simply navigate back to the integration setup page and click on ‘Reconnect’, then re-enter your credentials.

If you’re still experiencing issues, contact our support team or request a call back from our XPLAN integration expert

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